Breastfeeding Skills for Healthcare Professionals

Assisting Breastfeeding Families in the First 24-48 hours

This course contains 5 separate videos to help you feel confident and empowered as you assist families to breastfeed in the first 24-48 hours after delivery.

Section 1 Supporting and Interacting with New Families reviews communication skills and the importance of inclusive language when working with new families, including an awareness that others may have also induced lactation to feed the infant. This section includes the World Health Organization's recommendations for how long to breastfeed, the reasons why breastfeeding is important for both baby and mom and a brief introduction to the anatomy and physiology behind how lactation works.

Section 2 Providing Assistance During the First 24-48 Hours dives into important topics such as how to teach safe skin-to-skin, top teaching tips for latch and positioning in order to get a comfortable latch to the breast and how to teach hand expression. This video will teach you how often babies feed, how to know when babies are hungry and how to tell if they are getting enough milk. Being able to pass this knowledge onto new parents will empower them and increase their confidence!

Section 3 Managing Breastfeeding Challenges describes what to do if a baby is not latching or if a mom has sore nipples (the top breastfeeding challenges in the first 48 hours!) The medical reasons to give extra milk to baby are outlined as well as options for supplementing. It can be very difficult for new parents when breastfeeding does not go as planned! Ways to support and use encouraging words is highlighted in this video.

About Cindy & Jana

Jana Stockham RN IBCLC
Jana Stockham RN IBCLC

As a Registered Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant I have helped thousands of new families in the early days and weeks after delivery.

Having a new baby is one of the biggest transitions a family will go through! New moms are often sleep deprived and overwhelmed and breastfeeding can come with some challenges! Having a breastfeeding supporter that is knowledgeable and confident is invaluable.

This is where I can help!

I have created an online course for those that support breastfeeding families in the first 48 hours after delivery. It contains evidence based information as well as hands on tips and techniques to equip you with what you need to know in order to provide the very best care and support.

Included in the course are strategies for managing the top breastfeeding struggles in the first few days, including what to do if a baby does not latch and ways to prevent sore nipples. Top tips for teaching safe skin to skin, hand expression, latching and positioning are highlighted as well as how to know breastfeeding is going well (and what to do if it's not!)

Let me help you obtain the knowledge and skills required to provide the very best care and support to new breastfeeding families. The families will thank you!

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  Breastfeeding Skills for Health Care Professionals
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  Providing Breastfeeding Assistance in the First 24-48 Hours
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